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Educate children on their home country
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Educate children on their home country



Starting October 16th, a day care center invited multicultural instructors and carried out educations on understanding multicultures every Thurs day for one month. At the appearance of multicultural instructors intraditional out fits of the irnative country, children’s eyes are glistening with curiosity.


Taean-gun Multicultural Family Support Center has been dispatching marriage immigrant women from China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Mongol, etc., who completed multicultural instructor nurturing course, to daycare centers, kindergartens, and elementary/middle schools.



Multicultural instructors gained confidence as they worked as instructors, and they are showing strong willingness to let children know of their home countries.


One director of a daycare center said in an interview, “Multicultural instructors from various countries visited us last year wearing unique traditional outfits and brought wonderful programs, such as experiencing costumes and enjoying traditional plays. Children had such a joyful time and we decided to invite the instructors again this year.”


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