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Cheongyang-gun ‘Green Narae’ Won Grand Prize at Chungnam Eullim Family Festival
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Cheongyang-gun ‘Green Narae’



Won Grand Prize at Chungnam Eullim Family





Culture and Art Circle ‘Green Narae’(belonging to Cheongyang-gun Multicultural Family Support Center) is made up of 10 immigrant women from China, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, and Mongol, and the team won grand prize at the 2nd Chungcheongnam-do Eullim Family Festival’s talent show that took place on October 9th at Dangjin-si Shinsung University’s Gymnasium.


Green Narae was established on July, 2011 by marriage immigrant women residing in Cheongyang-gun, and has been in operation for 3 years at Cheongyang-gun Multicultural Family Support Center.


For this festival, the circle members gathered and practiced every Saturday since July, and they played Korean creative dance ‘Marionette’ (Instructor Geumsun Yoon) during the event.


Members shared their joy as they said, “This time’s winning was the result of our teacher guiding us with joy and all members working through the end with a united spirit together with the center’s teacher.”


Also, a Green Narae member, Jihye Lee(Mongol) won Chungcheongnam-do Education Superintendent Award.


Jihye Lee expressed her gratitude, “Korean dance that I learned for the first time was magical and through the dance I could glimpse into Korean cultures. I really appreciate that I won.”


The event was prepared for the wide spread of democratic family values, which consider all family members are equal, and for overcoming risks of multicultural family and realizing the preciousness of healthy family. Around 1,200 people including Chungnam-do’s 24 Healthy Family Support Centers, employees of Multicultural Family Support Centers, and multicultural family members participated in the event.


다음글  Educate children on their home country
이전글  Financial competency strengthening project for improving the health of multicultural families