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Old story festival that unfolded ‘Sesangnori Hanmadang’
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Old story festival that unfolded ‘Sesangnori Hanmadang’



From October 19th to 21st, ‘Yesan Old Story Festival’ was held where natural surroundings of ‘slow city’ Yesan came together with old time stories.


Yesan Old Story Festival is Chungcheongnam-do Yesan-gun’s representative festival that integrated natural sceneries of Yedang lake and Yesan’s old tales together, and the event was chosen as the best festival of Chungcheongnam-do for three consecutive years from 2012 to 2014.


Yesan-gun’s multicultural family support center operated a booth at Daeheung-myeon’s Harmonious Brother Park, where one can experience ‘Sesangnori Hanmadang Separately but Together’


‘Sesangnori’ is a combination of the plays we enjoyed in our youth, and ‘Separately but Together’ shows that people living in different places and eating different foods share shockingly similar types of plays in their youth.


In an attempt to realize that, for all of us living in this world, we share one cultural universality, the event provided a good opportunity to understand the cultures of multicultural families and cooperate.


The participants who had hands-on experience on various traditional plays of other countries were surprised when they found high level of similarities with our own plays.


Vietnam and China’s Jegichagi and Japan’s Kendama, as well as Daruma Otoshi were definitely most popular plays at the event. Philippines’ Tinikling was very similar to our rubber string play but their use of bamboo sticks instead of rubber strings differentiated.


For adult participants, old memories were revived through the plays, and they enjoyed the moment as if they went back to their youth days.


The traditional play booth was more meaningful in that marriage immigrant women, who got trained as multicultural tutors, were at the very heart of the program, which was prepared by Yesan-gun Multicultural Family Support Center.


The marriage immigrant women felt self-esteem as they operated traditional plays of their native countries and introduced their traditional cultures to a number of participants.



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