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Let’ make safe and happy society!
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Let’ make safe and happy society!



Harmony public safety volunteers and related government agencies hold a joint discussion



A joint discussion between public safe volunteers that were formed to establish the orders of stay for foreigners and related government agencies at Asan Police Station (Chief Joongseop Yoon) on last October 17th.

Asan-si Multicultural Family Support Center’s chief, Samhyuk Cho, and Harmony public safety volunteers participated in the event and had heated discussions on the stable settlement of multicultural families.



For the discussion, there were around 10 people from Harmony public safety volunteers who are made up of marriage immigrant women and 20 people in charge of foreigner related works from Asan Police Station’s Department of Information Safety, Asan City Hall’s Department of Women and Family, Council of businessmen, Soonchunhyang University’s International Education Exchange Center, and Sun Moon University’s Center for Korean Language Education.



Suri Hazati (Indonesia), the leader of Harmony Volunteers gave a brief introduction on Harmony and its foundation history and she made a resolution to do her best to prevent any crimes of foreigners. Upon this pledge, participants from related agencies nodded in recognition and gave big applause with good wills for realizing the goal.



The members of Harmony public safety volunteers, who represented marriage immigrant women from various countries, spoke with one voice that immigrants are in desperate needs of safe and stable workplaces.



In response, Mr.Cho told Governor of Chungnam-do, Heejung An, “We need examples for multicultural families just like for the disabled, whom many workplaces are required by law to hire nowadays, and if that happens, the case will be the very first one in Korea.”



Also, in response to the comment from Asan Police Station that crimes by foreigners are happening more frequently, Mr.Cho said, “Laws are different for each country and we need to educate foreigners on Korean laws and regulations first.”



Yangsoon Yu of Asan City Hall’s Department of Women and Family answered, “We will review the method of individualizing the laws from the Ministry of Justice at local government levels and introduce them to foreigners.”



With regards to public safety issues, one volunteer member said, “I heard there are places where unregistered foreigners come together and commit illegal acts like gambling. I am worried that marriage immigrants might come in contact with them and get tainted by their misdeeds.” Asan Police Station answered that they will exercise strict control over the issue.



All participants expressed their satisfaction that although job characteristics differ for each agency, gathering at one place and sharing opinions in order to come up with methods of cooperation were indeed very valuable.



Also, a volunteer said, “I could really feel that Multicultural Family Support Center truly understands multicultural families more than any other agencies and knows what we really need.”



It was a time during which one could feel necessity for public and private agencies, as well as educational institutions to come together in order to realize safer and happier Korea.


All participants promised to meet again as they pledged to put their best efforts on making a safe and happy society.



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