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Multicultural Family Support Center Program Guide
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Multicultural Family Support Center Program Guide


□ Program Guide

○ Korean Language Education

- Primary 1ㆍPrimary 2ㆍSecondary 1ㆍSecondary 2ㆍand Advance (Korean Proficiency Test Review) Level Classes


○ Multicultural Family Integrated Education

- Multicultural Family Integrated Education

․ Family Communication Programs, Educational Program for Spouses, Education for Fathers

․ Home Visit Education for Parents, Home Visit Education for Children

- Education on Understanding Multi-culture

․ Education on Multi-culture understanding and awareness

․ Education on Law and Human Rights


○ Support to Multicultural Family Job Links

- Education for the improvement of the Employment Competency of Multicultural Family (Basic Job Refinement Education)

- Job Links


○ IndividualㆍFamily Consultations : Multicultural's PsychologyㆍConsultations for the Emotional Stability

- Individual and Family Consultations

- Child Psychotherapy Treatment for Multicultural Family Children

- Provides Information and consultation for the early settlement in Korean Life


○ Other Programs

- Spouses and Multicultural Family Self-Help Group (Independent Group by each country)

- Multicultural Family Voluntary Group

- Improvement on multiculture awareness and Community Public Relations

- Community Network Development


□ For Inquiry

○ Inquire at Multicultural Family Support Center in your city district.

Multicultural Family Home Study Education Program


□ Program Guide

○ Provides instructors who will educate and offer customized services for the children of the multicultural family and for the married migrants who have financial difficulties and who lives far from the center making it hard for them to attend educational services.


□ Period of Service

○ February 27th ~ November 30th, 2012 a total of 40 weeks (10mos.)


□ Korean Education Service for the Multicultural Family

○ Provides Korean language education services for the married migrants who are experiencing difficulties due to communication problems during their early settlements in Korean life; also it provides services for the multicultural family children and - children who entered Korea at middle period.


○ Target

- Married migrants not over 5 years from the date of entry who are in need of Korean Language thru Home Study Education

- Children who entered Korea at middle period (18years below)

○ Services

- Korean Language Education Services

- VocabularyㆍGrammar, Reading, Writing, SpeakingㆍListening

- Family Consultation & Emotional Support Services

- Other informations that are necessary for Korean living

○ Period of Service : Not over 5 years of stay in Korea : the rule is, 1 term (up to 10 mos.)


□ Parental Education Service for the Multicultural Family

○ We provide instructors for Parental Education who will visit your home offering necessary education, consultations, and information to strengthen child care capabilities of each family.


○ Target

- Multicultural families with children not over 12 years of age and who are experiencing difficulties in child rearing because of the language and cultural differences.

For the married migrants who raises a child.

※ Only one child for every family can avail the service.


○ Services

- Provides Parental Education services to strengthen capabilities on child care

- Provides support in Parental role, nourishment of parent-child relationships; Health care, school and family life guidance, etc.

- Family Consultations & Emotional Support Services

- Provides other information necessary to Korean life.

- Provide support to a 3 rounds services (from PregnancyㆍInfancy, Childhood)


○ Period of Service : 5mos. for every semester; Rule : A life cycle support of 3 services ( up to 15mos. of services)

- From Pregnancy · Newborn (during pregnancy ~ after birth not over 12mos.)

- Infancy (exceeding 12mos. ~ not over 48mos.)

- Childhood(exceeding 48mos. ~ not over 12yrs. old)


□ Services for the Multicultural Families Children's Life

○ The assign instructor for children visits your family to offer life-support services for children who have low academic achievement, and are experiencing difficulties in self and emotional, and social development.


○ Target

- For multicultural families children ( 3yrs. old~12yrs. old) who are having difficulties in attending education in groups, having a low academic achievements and are experiencing difficulties in self and emotional, and social development.


○ Contents

- Cognitive domains: Reading coaching, Writing Diary, Published discussions, guide in doing homework, etc.

- Emotional and Social areas : A guide for self and emotional and social development

- Strengthen ​​cultural competency : Guide for cultural awareness, establishing identity, and community awareness.

- Educational areas for common people : Guidance for basic life habits, health and safety, family life, and career, etc.


○ Period of service : the rule is, 1 semester (up to 5mos.)


□ Inquiry

○ Inquire at Multicultural Family Support Center in your city district.

Multicultural Family Children Speech Development Support Project



□ Background & Necessities


○ Children of multicultural families having a low level of language development compare as to other children, such as poor school-age learning, and a deepening maladjusted school and family life


○ Children with a delayed language development prior to school, lack of understanding on the lessons at the proper school age, and children who are experiencing emotional disorders social exclusion or isolations.


□ Target


○ Children of the multicultural families who are elementary students (not over 12yrs. old) and in need for Language Education & Speech Evaluation.


□ Contents


○ Multicultural Family Children Speech Evaluation


○ Multicultural Family Children Language Education


○ Counseling : Parental Counseling for the formation of ChildㆍParents' closeness configuration development & Parent Education for the child speech development support



□ Service Procedure


○ Language Class at the Multicultural Family Support Center


○ Daycare facilities and school dispatch


※ Conductind Centers : 11 (Cheonan, Kongju, Asan, Seosan, Dangjin, Keumsan, Yeongi, Seocheon, Hongseong, Yaesan, Tae-an)



□ Period of Service : The rule is: each target can avail 6mos. (48sessions)


□ Requirements for Application


○ Residence Certificate, Certificate on Family Relation & Alien Registration Card‘ xerox copy’ 1 copy


○ Confirmation of information application and information protection agreement, and service application



□ Exclusion of Support


○ Multicultural families receiving child support from Central and local government and are also recipient of a similar business.


○ Those who are currently receiving services from the Home Study Project, Child Life services and multiple support.

※ If there is a service referral for children, It is possible to conduct a language evaluation to distinguish appropriate service available.



□ Inquiry


○ Inquire at Multicultural Family Support Center in your city district


Married Migrants Translation & Interpretation Services



□ Background & Necessities


○ Majority of the Multicultural Families are experiencing maladaptive emotional disturbance and social isolations due to the difficulties of the foreign wife in communicating in Korean and in making relations with the members of the family, and incompleteness of ability to Korean culture and family life.


□ Contents

○ Provides interpretation and translation services for the married migrants about communication problems.



□ Contents


○ Consultations during the early stage of life in Korea, provides information, training courses, etc. and interpretations.


○ Dispatch of interpreters to support in the communication among members of the family and so as to give response in times of crisis.


○ Interpretation services at Administrative and judicial institutions, hospitals, and medical examinations, etc.


○ Emergency assistance


○ Supported Languages : Languages such as Vietnam, Chinese, Mongol, Filipino, Thai


※ Each centers are supported by the different languages, for inquiries personally contact center



□ Procedures of Registration


○ You may visit or call Multicultural Family Support Center, or e-mail your application.


Conducting Centers : 15 ( Cheonan, Kongju, Boryeong, Asan, Seosan, Nonsan, Dangjin, Keumsan, Yeongi, Buyeo, Seocheon, Cheongyang, Hongseong, Yaesan, Tae-an)



□ Inquiry


○ Inquire at Multicultural Family Support Center in your city district.




A Language Class Project Support for the Mother(Father)'s Country Language Acquisition



□ Background & Necessities



○ The children of Multicultural Families as the target, we offer language class which includes the primary native languages of married migrants to support with cultural sensitivity the growth of global human resources.


□ Contents


○ Operates Language Class on the married migrants' primary native language and cultural education for the elementary students and preschoolers.



□ Primary Contents


○ Lessons : Semester configuration ( Spring, Fall Semesters)


※ Opening : March 2012


○ Target : Children of the Multicultural Family (3 yrs. old ~ Elementary students) & children not belong to multicultural family, Multicultural Family (Spouses, Parents-in-law, etc.) also may join the classes.


○ Levels of Classes : Preschoolers, Elementary 1~3graders, Elementary 4~6graders, special class, etc.


○ Classes : I Class 5~10 persons in and out


○ Lesson Contents : The married migrant country's primary native language, education on language (excluding English) and culture.


○ Education Language : Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese


※ Each centers are supported by the different languages, for inquiries contact center



□ Procedures


○ Visit Multicultural Family Support Center and or call or send your application thru E-mail


※ Conducting Centers : 8 (Cheonan, Kongju, Boryeong, Asan, Seosan, Nonsan, Dangjin, Hongseong)


□ Inquiry


○ Inquire at Multicultural Family Support Center found in your city district.

Women Migrants Shelter Operation



□ Objective


○ To provide assistance to the victims of family and sexual violence, protection for the women migrant prostitution & temporary child protection, counseling, medical treatment, law protection for human rights as well as support in departure.



□ Contents


○ Provide medical and legal supports and assistance to departure, in cases like domestic violence due to difficulties to the normal family and social life, or other emergency reasons that requires protection for the migrant women and child.

□ Qualified for Admittance


○ Victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and migrant women and children that are victims of prostitution. (agreement from the victim is necessary)


○ If there is an imperfect ability to the doctor, that it is other than an act of violence, and the guardian agrees for admittance;


○ In case of mental retardation and mental illness, and mental capacity, and with the doctors imperfect ability the guardians agreement to the result is inappropriate.



□ Facility


○ Office : Moyse Women Migrant Office


○ Location : Chungnam Cheonan City


○ Operating Body : Aggregate Corporation of Daejon Catholic Social Welfare Organization


○ Number of people : 11 persons


○ Workers : 4 persons



□ Procedure


○ Women Emergency Call 1577-1366 Counseling




Other Multicultural Family Support Projects



□ Multicultural Family Support Project Consulting Operations


○ Target : 15 District Cities


○ Contents : Sharing local projects, problem examinations, excavating characterized project, etc.


○ Procedure of Promotion : Consulting Team (2persons in 1 group) operates individual city district rounds of consulting


○ Inquiry : Inquire at the Provincial Government & Cheonan City Multicultural Family Support Center

(☏ 042-220-3321, 070-7733-8373)



□ Multicultural Task Workers Empowerment Education


○ Target : Workers and Director, belong to the Multicultural Family Support Centers, etc.


○ Number of people : 100 persons


○ Contents : Documents hands-on training, multicultural literacy education, counseling techniques, etc.


○ Training Procedure : A non-education camp group training


○ Inquiry : Inquire at Cheonan City Multicultural Family Support Center (☏ 070-7733-8373)



□ Multicultural Families' Counselor Empowerment Education



○ Target : Professional counselor, and Home Study instructor, etc. belong to Multicultural Family Support Center


Number of people : 70 persons


Contents : Counseling techniques, case management procedures, etc. and certified courses and links.


○ Training Procedures : About month of March, Group Training


○ For Inquiries : Inquire at Cheonan City Multicultural Family Support Center (☏ 070-7733-8373)



□ Married Migrants Multicultural Teachers' Training


○ Target : Multiculture Honorary Ambassador of the city, Translators & Interpreters, Self-Help Group representatives, etc.


○ Number of people : 30 persons


○ Contents : Married migrants' self discovery, community understanding, workplace etiquette, etc.


○ Training Procedures : a non-camp education group training


○ Inquiries : Inquire at Cheonan City Multicultural Family Support Center (☏ 070-7733-8373)


□ Married Migrants interpreter specialized manpower training education


○ Target : A married migrant acting as an interpreter volunteer at the Multicultural Family Support Center


No. of People : 30 persons


○ Educational Contents : Understanding on the Multicultural Family tranlations, Translation and interpretation theories and practice, Special lectures for outstanding interpretations and translations, etc.


○ Educational Procedures : A non-education camp group training


○ Inquiry : Inquire at Cheonan City Multicultural Family Support Center (☏ 070-7733-8373)



□ Multicultural Task Staff Workshop & Training


○ Target : Multicultural Family Support Center Managers & Staff


○ No. of people : 80 persons


○ Contents : Multicultural Mind Improvement, such as Project Operation Sharing Knowhows, Multicultural Family Support Center vision establishments.



□ Multicultural Family Counseling Service on Law


○ Target : Multicultural Family who lives in the city


○ Performing Institution : Reputed Law Firms


○ Time : Every third Saturday of the month 14:00 (round visit for every city district)


○ Contents : Law Counseling, such as related information on acquiring citizenship, Family violence consultations.


○ Counseling Schedules (Plans)















City District

































※ Schedules subject to change, for inquiries ask the Multicultural Family Support Center found in your city district.



□ Support programs in inviting parents of the married migrants, and a chance to visit their own country.


○ Target : Multicultural families who are residence of the city (not over 3persons per 1 Family)


○ Qualification : Married migrants whom acquired Korean citizen and has lived in Korea for not over 4years.


※ Preferential Conditions : Care giver for parents-in-law, Basic Livelihood Security, not visited their home country for past 3 years or haven't received any support (from other agencies), etc.


○ Services : Invitations for parents of the married migrants and airfares in visiting their home country.


○ Place of Application : City districts & Multicultural Fanmily Support Center



□ Strengthening of self-employment for the married migrants

○ Target : Multicultural Families who are residents of the city


○ Terms : Giving support up to 300,000won (annually) per 1 person


○ Support : Professional Employment Training, acquisition fee for the certification, etc.


※ Not more than 40% of the training fee will be given, only for the identified acquisitor as

a support for the acquisition of certification for employment.


○ Place for Application : Multicultural Family Support Center found in your city district.




<Multicultural Family Support Center Status>






Telephone Nos.


Cheonan City Seobuk-gu Seong Jeong Dong 1519 Baekseok University Bldg. 11th Flr.



Kongju City Jungdong 321



Boryeong City Myeongcheon Dong 413



Asan City Oncheon Dong 94-6



Seosan City Dongmun Dong 207-11(5th Flr.)



Nonsan City Chuiam Dong 1048-7



Dangjin-Eup Eupnaeri 263-1



Keumsan-eup Sangri 24-2



Jochiwon-eup Kyurl 9-1 (Yeoseong Hwoegwan 1st Flr.)



Buyeok-eup Dongnamri 692-1

(Women Culture Hall 2nd Flr.)



Seocheon-eup Guamri 343



Cheonyang-eup Eupnaeri 14-1



Hongseong-eup Ogwanri 701 Hongseong Social Welfare Hall



Yaesan-eup Sanseongri 727



Tae-an Eup Nammunri 712-13



<2012 Changing System>







Service Expansion about Multicultural Families

◦Married migrant target for Korean Education

-Courses : 1~4 Phases required

-Time : Each center 80 hrs. per year


◦Married migrant target for Korean Education

-Courses : 1~2 Phases required

3~4 Phase, optional

-Time : Each center 400 hrs. per year


◦Married Migrants Communication Support

Translations & Interpretation arrangements : 18persons

◦Married Migrants Communication Support

Translations & Interpretation arrangements : 22persons


◦Children of Multicultural Family Speech Development Class

- The Multicultural Family autonomously decided to established the said project.

◦Children of Multicultural Family Speech Development Class

-Establishment has been mandatory for the Multicultural Family Support Center

(of more than 16㎡ space reserved)


◦Multicultural Family Support Base Center

- <established>

◦Multicultural Family Support Base Center

-New assignments : 1 item

(Cheonan Multicultural Family Support Center)