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Dasom School, Opening & Guide in Recruiting Students 『Dasom School』 Opening & Guide in Recruiting Students
작성자 : 다울림 등록일 : 12-01-21 16:01

For the Multicultural Families' Youths not attending school.
 『Dasom School』 Opening & Guide in Recruiting Students   

◇ The ‘Dasom School’ Opening & Guide in Recruiting Students, is offering an opportunity for the Multicultural Family Youths who have been not attending high schools or who have been dropped out from schools to get an Employment Education.

ㅇ Opening Ceremony : March 2, 2012 (Fri)
ㅇ No. of students to be admitted : 165 students

(Seoul : for 1st․2nd․3rd Year 120 students; Chungbuk Jecheon : 1st Year 45 students) 

□ Dasom School Foundation Opening
○ Objective : As a recognized High School Level Alternative School that provides not just an education but a Technical Education that will result to possible job opportunities as well, the 'Dasom School' was established, to support the Multicultural Family Youths' academic achievements and careers.

○ Candidates
- Middle High School Graduates, Middle High School graduating students for the month of February year 2012, and those with acknowledgeable educational achievements equal to Middle High School Graduates
- Passers of the National Qualification Exam for High School
※ In case there is no way to confirm the students' academic abilities, the Admission Screening Committee will have some deliberation to qualify the students.

○ No. of students to be admitted : 165 Persons
- Seoul Dasom School (around Seoul) : 1st ․2nd ․3rd Year, a total of 120 students, now accepting applications from students
- Korea Polythech Dasom School ( Chungbuk Jecheon) : 1st Year 45 persons, now accepting applications from students
※ The Korea Polytech Dasom School is operating & managing dormitories.

○ Major Courses
- Seoul Dasom School : Computer․Media Courses, Tourist․Hotel Courses
- Korea Polytech Dasom School : Computer Machine, Plant Equipment, Smart Electricity
○ Important Announcement
- Enrollment Fees, Tuition Fees supported through Scholarships,
※ Assistance be given in Jecheon with regard to boarding expenses

○ Contact Numbers
- Seoul Dasom School (Seong Dong Konggo) : 070-8685-7689, 7650
- Korea Polytech Dasom School : 043-649-2800
Enclosed herewith : A Guide for recruiting students for the School Year 2012 of the Dosom School