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Hongseong County pulls out all the stops to make multicultural families be part of ‘Building Happy Hongseong Together’
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Hongseong County, Chungnam Province revealed on the 26th that the county is supporting many projects and is doing all out to set the tone for the aliens and multicultural families to grow to be healthy integral of community and settle stably, which the county calls ‘Building Happy Hongseong Together.’


The County executes the budget of KRW 857 Million on 20 projects for the steady support for aliens and multicultural families. For initial stage and smooth settlement, 5 programs have been in operation for marriage migrant women, migrant workers and children who came to Korea from overseas such as Korean language class, culture class and help-yourself program for each country.


Besides, the County supports the education of multicultural couples and help-yourself programs to assist them to understand the cultural differences and reduce the conflict inside the families. For multicultural children, class for education for their mother’s country is on. And bilingual class has been newly added. Also, for the social entry of the marriage migrant women, the county supports the package programs based on their steps of settlement and employment service programs. And from this year, the county promotes the multi-connected project, which marriage migrant women visit others in the same situation.


Photo shooting for family portrait for multicultural families and growth program for youths of these families are the other projects in operation. For marriage migrant women who failed to visit their home country in last three years, the county supports the travel even though this program was canceled this year due to Covid-19.


“We will continue to create the various programs to make Hongseong a happier county where there should be no prejudice and discrimination toward people of different culture and nationalities. We will set the tone that the cultural difference and variety be respected,” a county official says.


By June this year, there are 2,396 aliens in Hongseong County, a 2.3% of whole population, highest rate in any of counties in Chungnam Province. And, by 2019, 599 households were registered at Multicultural Family Center. If the number of children born in Korea is added, it is estimated that the total number would exceed 3,000.

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이전글  Face Masks donated to multicultural families by prize money won by Association of Teen Counselling, Dangjin City