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Face Masks donated to multicultural families by prize money won by Association of Teen Counselling, Dangjin City
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작성일20-12-01 08:11 조회수238


Young boys and girls who are the member of Association of Teen Counselling, Dangjin City donated 2,000 face masks to multicultural families in Chungnam Province. The face masks were purchased by the prize money of various competition that these teenagers participated, which makes this donation even more meaningful.


Theses face masks will be distributed first to each base centers of supporting multicultural families in Chungnam Province and then to its branches in the cities and counties of the province along with encouraging message to overcome the difficulties caused by Covid-19.


The Association of Teen Counselling is one of the most outstanding clubs for teenagers in Dangjin City doing activities for preventing school violence and making a safer school. They won grand prize in the national competition for club activities in 2018, provincial competition for club activities in 2019 and provincial competition for proposal of teenagers’ policies in 2020.


The event, which is part of the project to change our community, was organized by wishes of teenagers hoping to cooperate to overcome the difficulty in our society, which is already multicultural.


The Association of Teen Counselling, Dangjin City won prize for 3 years in a row for their excellent activities related to the project to change our community through ‘Leading and Climbing Together.’ They help the multicultural teenagers for their sense of identity and the community for its improvement of social perception of multiculturalism.



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